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Jenni-Harry4eva3's News

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - November 20th, 2011

Well hello there, folks. I've had myself a name change, and decided to change up the picture and the banner to fit this new name of mine, which you can see:

Jandré París!

Besides that little detail, the reason I mention that is because I've filed to copyright my track, Blue Blossoms, to the U.S. Copyright Office online. I shall receive the certificate for the copyright in about 12 months, if not more, from now.

I am planning to have my name changed on NG as well, but who knows how long that will take. I'll get on that eventually. It's been quite the interesting trip so far!

With that, I shall say good-bye for now! Cheers!

-Jandré París

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - February 17th, 2011

Well. Hello there people. I'm deciding to switch genres in order to expand my perspective on the world of music. I'm trying out a style for House. I'll see where it goes, but in the mean time, I'll be working on a few House/Electro related things. We'll see where it goes, yeah? I've started a project yesterday, and it sounds alright. I'll have it posted sometime soon, whenever college stops boggin' me down a bit. It shall be dubbed "No Housing". But in the meantime, enjoy my previews. I'll upload the full versions to soundcloud whenever college blah blah blah, you get the idea. Have a good one.


Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - August 29th, 2010

Hello there. I've been quite busy as of late, what with college starting and getting all of my classes and my shniz together so that I don't get lost on campus. (Yay for being a freshmen once again ._.)

I, at least, had enough to release myself a preview of a track I've been working on for the better part of... 6-8 weeks. I have christened it... Stand Alone. So, if you wanna check that out, fine by me. Review, comment, criticize, all that good stuff. If not... then FINE >:(( I kid. But yeah, enjoy the rest of your summer, high schoolers. You guys are so lucky >_>


Update! - Stand Alone Preview

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - June 5th, 2010

Well... I would say that for about the past three or four months, things have been tough. Dealing with highschool drama has been taking a toll on me; I've had projects shoved up the arse so profoundly that I've been left brain dead about what to do for them... and yet somehow I've made it to the end. (With the help of family and friends). My final year in highschool... I will definitely cry tears at graduation on Monday... damn. I don't want to leave yet...

In other news... with what all of the situational moments occurring all at once... I've had no inspiration for a new track... For the past four months, I have been trying hard, day and night to find something to inspire me to make a new track... Just some melody or harmony that could spark a new song. Sadly... I have been let down since then. But... something came to me yesterday... and within a few hours... My mother and I made a track (I would say... better than Resolution), and I've just been updating it here and there, trying to find some empty spots to fill. I have christened it... "Blue Blossoms".

Also, since then, I've been learning more about FL Studio. Using some core effects that I've never really used or cared about because I thought there were useless, because I didn't know how to work them... boy, was I wrong =/ I will probably post the WIP of it later today, if not in a few minutes... haha. Well... have a good one guys. Enjoy the music that the world has shared with you.


Update! - Blue Blossoms WIP

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - February 25th, 2010

Well... life seems to be okay for the moment. Birthday is coming up in 3 days (as if anyone really cares, but yeah) and hoping to get DJ Hero just to see how badly they're tearing up our underground world here. I'd imagine it to be pretty bad because they're crossing unknown territory >_> But...what the hell. I'll play it just to have fun.

As for music, I have finally finished Resolution, and I will post it on the myspace sometime this weekend, I guess. Have some unfinished songs that I have decided to abandon, and a good drum set which I have no idea what to do with. I have made a little CD album of 7 of my songs, all mostly Liquid and Intelligent, which I think came out quite well.

Ackute is still working on his podcast, and hopefully we all get to hear it soon. Most of it is comprised of unsigned songs, with a few pro ones here and there.

As for anything else... School's hard and I love it. Vive la France et bonne chance a tout la monde. Au Revoir et a la prochaine.

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - September 28th, 2009

Well hello people. So far, I haven't really posted a song in a while. I've been working on a collab with Ackute for a while. It's been coming along greatly, and we've just finished it.

As for projects of my own, I've finished a song here and there. Kinda just sitting in my hard drive =/ But, I shall post 'em soon, as well as an NG cut of our song, "Substitute". (Most likely tomorrow)

Also, working on a song for Ackute's podcast, so I have that in the back of my mind as well. That's pretty much it. Peace out.


Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - August 27th, 2009

Ain't it awesome? Looks like it'll be one hell of a contest. Currently working on a little neurofunk/intelligent track for my group. Gunna send it over to Ackute so he can have a taste of where I'm going, and then hopefully get it over to CornandBeans and see how he likes it. This is gunna be sweet!


64-bar intro completed.
Second Drop Added, as well as the breakdown

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - July 30th, 2009

Working on another song like Mystical... Hopefully better.. more automations.. lots more bass... trying a hand at making new ones with camelphat and blood overdrive.. they sound pretty sweet... now to go somewhere with the two basses I have now =/... Hmm...


Okay, so what started out as a possible song like Mystical, morphed into a Liquid/Intelligent DnB track. I've been working on the intro for a few hours now, and now I'm stuck on making more pads/synths/yougettheidea to push the song along.. it's not really going anywhere =/... Think I may need some help...

Scratch that, came up with some bass melodies, and more strings stuff to give it some more movement.

Reese (Reece) WIP - Discontinued into Liquid

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - July 14th, 2009

A song made with a heavy bassline, some creative drumming, and some congo bongos to fill in the space. Consider this as a step up to being serious in what I make. I take pride in it, and I'm always trying to push my skills to their limits to try and break any barriers I come across. I'd say this one broke plenty of walls to be what it is.... Heavy Drum N Bass. No more playing around.

Credits to AxeFX for tips on filtering, and Mitrox for giving it a listen and helping me out.
Song Stats:
BPM: 168
Kbps: 224
Quality: at it's best
Patterns: 18
Mixer Tracks: 11
Genre: DarkStep / Hard DnB
Basses: 3xOsc and TS404
Drums: No drum-machine, purely created.
DAW: FL Studio 8.5 XXL

*Mystical* [IZK]

Posted by Jenni-Harry4eva3 - June 30th, 2009

Yes... another collaboration between me and Marks-A-Lot. Expect it coming soon to a portal near you... 'cause it sounds pretty awesome. Just a bit more polishing and deliberation, and it shall be done. Live happy and prosper. \m/(-_-)\m/ Here's a pic of the progress in the mean time.

Knights of Cydonia Remix - Marks-A-Lot/[IZK]