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Holy Nhizsit, Rebaz! You live! I haven't seen anything from ya since like... the Double Dragon awesomeness that you made. Good to see you still got the mojo, dude. Fantastic!

Very nice.

An interesting flash, my friend. It explains a lot XD You did well, but I thought the animation was a bit weird, but you have an interesting style to it. Keep improving yourself, 'cause I think this could be a wee bit better. Orginiality is coolies, and everything else seems to be in place. I thought the '6 hours later' thing was pretty funny. And sadly, your friend there died because of a toxic crayon XD hahah. Nice. I felt bad that the little dude there at the laptop only cared for his WoW character rather than his death. But, really great nonetheless. Keep it up!


Flash-Dragons responds:

Thank you sooo much. I'm glad that you liked it.

I haven't reveiwed much...

Since there really wasn't much to review in the Under judgement section of the flash portal, but this... I thought was worth review. Very very good work, even if they were all random clips. I was enjoying it all: the animation was very crisp, and it all sort of flowed together. There was some substance, but I did laugh at some parts that I thought were funny. This was pretty awesome. All you need is a story line, a script, and an idea. An awesome job, mate. Keep it real~


Keep Working at it..

Don't ask for a good grade. That ensures failure of this flash, dude. Work for it. This was pretty good, but too short, as you said... ssooooooo yeaaaahhh. You did pretty well, but you need to modify the sprites. A bit choppy. Work harder on the tweening, yeh? I'm sure you'll get better at it. Keep it real~


That was the shit.

Very well done. Love the superman sprite. He looked like God with his hand in the air half the time when he wasn't moving XD Very good line up of people. I would say you should make another one, but I read your description saying that you wouldn't, and I am sadden by that, but nonetheless, I GOTTA WATCH THOSE MOFOS GO AT IT AGAIN XDDD Awesome job!


Well... the animation was a bit poor...

But I thought that was funny as hell man. That was great XD Nice poke battle XDDD Good job mang. Good job.


Horsenwelles responds:

great job!


LOL! That was great. Didn't believe that you made a parody of Trauma + Center. That was great. I thought it was going to be all serious and crap, with a little bit of funny. But that..... was unexpected! XDDDD Greatest ever. Going to fave this one and put it on my top :3 really made my day.



Sweet Man. Still would've loved to see any other of the biometals pop out, but that was HILARIOUS! Good Job. Lolz. Red is soooo maaaaad. =/. Bastard... doesn't help anyone XD. Hope to see more. Very well done.


Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, I see, thanks and nice you enjoyed!

Also thanks for the review!

In actuality...

I don't care what other people say. They can say that the Clown used the same attacks, the same killing tactics, or if it was just all about the Clown. Know why I don't care? Because ever since I saw your Mk Vs. SF3, you've kicked ass. That's why I don't care. Because your style of flash is so very unique, and it very awe-inspiring. I loved every bit of it. This is going into my top faves. Good job, Proxide. You've kicked ass from the start, to the finish. Good Luck on future projects.


That was well done.

Very good flash. I loved the preloader. That was awesome. But what I loved most of all... (besides the ending) was the 'Killer Instinct' reference. I was like 'Holy Shit. Now thems the good ol' days XD'. (Hit Hit Hit Hit.... C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!) Fricken awesome. Well done. Can't wait for the next episode.


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