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Holy Nhizsit, Rebaz! You live! I haven't seen anything from ya since like... the Double Dragon awesomeness that you made. Good to see you still got the mojo, dude. Fantastic!

Very nice.

An interesting flash, my friend. It explains a lot XD You did well, but I thought the animation was a bit weird, but you have an interesting style to it. Keep improving yourself, 'cause I think this could be a wee bit better. Orginiality is coolies, and everything else seems to be in place. I thought the '6 hours later' thing was pretty funny. And sadly, your friend there died because of a toxic crayon XD hahah. Nice. I felt bad that the little dude there at the laptop only cared for his WoW character rather than his death. But, really great nonetheless. Keep it up!


Flash-Dragons responds:

Thank you sooo much. I'm glad that you liked it.

I haven't reveiwed much...

Since there really wasn't much to review in the Under judgement section of the flash portal, but this... I thought was worth review. Very very good work, even if they were all random clips. I was enjoying it all: the animation was very crisp, and it all sort of flowed together. There was some substance, but I did laugh at some parts that I thought were funny. This was pretty awesome. All you need is a story line, a script, and an idea. An awesome job, mate. Keep it real~


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This game is the shizzle for rizzle. I love this game so much. Even better than Special Mission. Great job!


Very Awesome.

Everything about it... I LOVE IT! ~loss for words~



very nice. :D I liked the part where the light just goes out. very nice.


JohnMazz responds:

Thanks. BTW, I think some people haven't figured out how to use the new review system: "Review Score: 0 / 10" =(

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That is absolutely hilarious.

But more for the misc. section than Drum & Bass, at least I think so. Some superb creativity here, though! Sounds like you guys had some good fun.


Jollesax responds:

Thx for the tip. I'm not very active any more, so I'm a bit at odds on how to use the categories. I'll keep it in mind!


Less Drumstep, more Breakbeat/Breaks/Glitch.

S'a bit hard to hear what you're going for. Lots of guitar/key-ish things going on, but I can't exactly pin point the melody properly enough with you've got one arp-ing against the other within the same register. I would suggest making that a little more defined and separate them with different instruments or synths.

Interesting... interesting indeed.


ADR3-N responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Everything but the main melody, the harpsichord, and the bass, is ornamental -- non-chord tones in the arps going on in the background and harmony and lead ins everywhere else. Maybe a bit less reverb on those would have worked better. I thought drumstep because of the way the bass was set up -- your typical dubstep sound with the f-mod moving around. But I didn't really think of breakbeats. Now I see it!


You've got some interest motifs. The only problem is that you've got a filter thing going on... which means you've got some mixing issues to sort out. It lacks clarity and that makes it extremely difficult to hear and difficult to differentiate between foreground and background elements.

A revisit at your mix would do this some good. Separate your instruments and your kit. You don't want things to blend too much... because then this kind of thing happens.

Practice makes perfect!


sYrge responds:

Thanks for all your feedback! I'm still fairly new to music production (I've only been doing it for a little over one year on an old version of garageband) I appreciate that you are telling me how to improve earlier on! Thanks! :)

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